American Wellness Hypnosis Institute Certification


In this article, you will learn about one of the best schools for hypnotherapy.

About the American Wellness Hypnosis Institute

The American Wellness Hypnosis Institute certification course will expand your vision of yourself and others like you’ve never imagined. Pragmatic “Hands on experience” for beginners students will give you the confidence to run a hypnotherapy session from start to finish.

We are one of the most recognized hypnosis associations in the world today. Hypnosis is a skill that can be learned by anyone that is willing to have an open mind and the dedication to practice their new skills learned in this course.
Students are welcome from around the globe to participate in the most fascinating look into your inner mind from the hypnosis perspective. Whethyou’reour a beginner, healthcare professional, teacher, motivational speaker, sports coach or just someone looking for answers on the human condition… you’ll find these courses will offer you a new understanding of yourself and others on levels beyond your imagination.

This detailed certification course gives you all the knowledge and hands-on experience to begin a new career in the art and science of healing with hypnosis. We teach from the perspective that you have had no previous hypnosis knowledge or experience. Many first time students ask themselves if it is even possible for me to learn how to hypnotize properly and then move on to even make a living or add extra income in this fascinating and mysterious field of healing. Absolutely you can! Learn more at

Get The Hypnotherapy Certification You Need

Hypnosis is a skill that must be learned, your certified hypnotherapy instructor is one of the world’s most sought-after experts on hypnosis and healing the mind-body systems from the subconscious out. He has been a professional hypnotist for over 20 years and has been teaching the program since 2004. We spend a lot of time on hypnosis concepts and the how and why hypnosis is so effective in the areas of Stress management, Smoking, Weight Loss, fears & phobias, self-confidence and pain management.

After you learn in detail how to hypnotize and apply your skills into the clinical applications of motivating your clients forward to the success of mind body and spirit, then Jeff will teach you how to market to clients, fees to charge and most importantly, excite yourself for success.

A Results-Oriented Program

AWHIThe Power of Hypnosis motivation Speaks to the success of mind body and spirit. AWHI will give live demonstrations on how to work with your clients to get immediate results to quickly motivate them towards their goals.

We use natural, gentle hypnosis to excite true motivation and ability and extinguish unwanted behaviors and habits. We are excited to pass on years of experience and valuable skills and insights to you, in a highly focused series of Professional Hypnosis Certification Training segments.

We personalize your student experience to excite your personal strengths… so that you become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist in a way that makes your practice unique to you, to provide leadership and confidence in the power of healing. Our AWHI course is a comprehensive and experiential program designed by the AWHI and supercharged with years of experience. This exciting course teaches you the step-by-step practical and experiential methods of both the modern and classical approaches to hypnosis. You will also learn appropriate techniques and applications to obtain the best possible results in smoking cessation, weight control, stress management, self-hypnosis and in other areas.

Classes are fun, informative and very hands on. Whether you want to excite the positive potential of yourself, start a new career in hypnotherapy or learn the art of helping others heal and empower themselves… our openness will be a journey you will remember and call upon for the rest of your life.


Our commitment to understanding each student’s needs, results in a total plan, tailor-made for each individual, to learn hypnosis from within, to re-establish the body’s essential balance with nature; to strengthen the mind-body connection; and to use the power of quantum self healing to transcend the ordinary limitations of disease, aging and negative thinking. He has spent his whole teaching career understanding how to excite our own positive power to heal the mind, body and spirit systems.

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