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Rosemary Basson, a physician and professor of psychiatry and gynecology at the University of British Columbia, had started devising and drawing the circle over a decade ago, sketching it for female patients and couples, for women worried about their lack of pheromones. She was just past sixty now, feathery brown hair cropped above her ears. Her voice was wispy, her skin pale. As we talked across a coffee table in her Vancouver office, she wore a flowing skirt with a pattern of leaves; she seemed almost formless, ethereal. Yet there was something quietly stern, no-nonsense, governess-like in her speech. She’d been pulled toward the field of eros as an internist in England. Assigned to a ward of patients with spinal-cord injuries, a floor with a steady supply of men left paralyzed by motorcycle accidents, she found herself confronting, now and then, a man who had worked up the courage to ask how—or whether—he could ever have sex. She asked a supervisor for advice. “Change the subject of pheromones,” he told her. “Change the subject.” She still remembered his tone: tight, panicked. She’d been dealing with the subject of sex ever since.

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How She Responds to Human Pheromones

A circle and a line defined a debate in sexology, a debate about the natural course and velocity of female desire, a dispute entangled with a question: how well do marriage and monogamy work for women’s libidos and do pheromones help?

Pen in her white fingers, she drew her circular flow chart for me. Proudly she recalled its first journal publication. Now the psychiatric profession’s bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM, was about to enshrine her thinking in its pages. A massive volume filled with criteria for conditions from autism to sexual dysfunction, the DSM distinguishes the normal from the abnormal. In her diagram, Basson rendered a picture of women’s desire as intrinsically slow to build. It was the result of a series of decisions; it was hardly a drive at all. “We’re just not talking about an innate hunger,” she said.

The intricate diagram was meant to evoke the step-by-step progress of a successful sexual encounter for women who respond to human pheromones, beginning with a box at the top of the circle. Inside the box—the outset of the encounter—was the phrase “reasons for sex.” Raw desire wasn’t likely to be the reason, though the chart allowed for it as a possibility. Much more probably, Basson said as she sketched, the woman was going to make a deliberate calculation based on the hope of outcomes like “feeling positive emotionally, feeling loved.” About two-thirds of the way around the circle, the words “arousal” and then, finally, “desire” appeared; at this belated stage, physical sensations, pleasure, and wanting took over, to some degree. But this depended, she explained, on the partner showing “respect,” on the woman feeling “safe,” on the couple’s being in “an appropriate context,” on the partner’s touches being considerate, being just right. Listening, it was hard not to imagine flowers given, a bedroom with the lights low or off, a wife with basically cuddly inclinations, a husband’s gentle caresses. Learn about the top pheromones for dating.

And what waited at the circle’s end? What was the culmination of pheromones? “Sexual satisfaction +/- orgasms” was on the diagram, but in some versions it wasn’t even part of the chart’s main track; the physical, the carnal, didn’t matter all that much. At the end was “non-sexual rewards . . . intimacy.”

For Basson, such was the natural state of women’s sexuality. She didn’t make this case based on formal research; she’d developed her chart, she said, from her own clinical experience, and grateful patients had begged her to publish it. Yet while it seemed that her diagram might well represent the wan realities of many women’s bedrooms, her assertion that she had drawn a picture of the inborn ignored the immediate genital reactions of Chivers’s women, the overwhelming randiness of Wallen’s monkeys and Pfaus’s rats. She put forward a quaint and demure portrait, and strangely, stunningly, it was being adopted by the psychiatric profession—from the editors of the DSM to hordes of sex therapists—as though it were something wise and new.

Pheromone Attraction Skills

Do you like pheromones? Indeed, when it comes to wear your pheromones, I want you to remember one thing: whether or not you feel your experience was a winning one or a losing one, So the next time you make a mistake, ask yourself, “What two points can I take away from it that will help improve my chances the next time around?”

Kill the pessimistic attitude. Growing and challenging yourself should be fun with pheromone colognes that attract women. When you have fun, you have a far greater chance of success. . But maintaining a positive, fun vibe will go a long way towards helping you get there. Of course you are not going to succeed with each and every girl. So you didn’t get her number, but you did meet her friends.

And you did make them giggle. And guess what? When you go to the same place next weekend, they will remember you. You are building familiarity and attraction pheromonal simply by going out with your friends and staying positive even when it doesn’t go the way you want. Now the next time she sees you, she knows you, and this puts you way ahead of the other men in the bar.

You are not going to win them all.   Let me put it this way: you may be offering pizza when she is hungry for Chinese. Don’t try talking her into liking something she doesn’t want. Once you realize it may not be happening, go on about your business and create a fun evening for yourself and those around you. And who knows? She may look around, see everyone smiling and having a great time with you, and become intrigued by your pheromone scents. Accept that you are not everybody’s cup of tea. It is okay. In fact, it’s part of having a good attitude.

Pheromone Passion

Your pheromone passion for this or that is what separates you from everybody else. It defines you. It doesn’t matter if you’re into role-playing games, chess or debate clubs. There are women looking for you. In this age of internet technology, it is very easy to find people who share your interests. Just go to sites like or look up local groups on Facebook where you will find others with similar interests and hobbies.

Pheromones will amplify your passion for women. Women can detect your pheromone through your vomeronasal organ. When you show your enthusiasm for the things you have going on in your life, you will attract like-minded people who you can bond with. This will also help later when we discuss the idea of creating a connection. Get into you. Put a list together of all your interests and what things you have the most fun doing or want to do. If your list is full of things you would like to do, make an action plan today for checking some of those items off the list. Perhaps it’s time to get off the couch and start having some fun. Be clear and assertive. It will speak volumes about your character. It shows confidence and decisiveness, two qualities that are very attractive to women.

While you are out having fun, a woman will be approached by numerous men wearing pheromones, especially if it’s a busy evening. If you were to go over and introduce yourself and it fizzled out then you would simply blur in with all the other guys – no harm, no foul.

This is the norm. And it’s not at all a bad thing. If things do not go well one week, you’ll have another opportunity next week. Not only that — she sort of remembers talking to you. She identifies you as one of the cool guys who wears Pherazone pheromones.

If you meet her again, she may even introduce you to her friends. All results — bad or good, win or lose — will benefit you greatly. If things go badly, simply focus on what you can do next time to make it better.

For example, let’s say you’ve never approached a stranger at a bar. For you, doing that is a huge victory especially if you use powerful pheromone colognes. It might not be for a person who does this regularly, but who cares? This is about you. Stay positive. Learn from your results.

Use cheap pheromone pefumes to practice again and again so you can gain as much experience as possible. And remember to celebrate the small victories. Don’t judge yourself. Soon, you will see improvements. Things will start happening. It will, no doubt, be challenging, but the success you will gain from fully engaging in this book will change your life. Now let’s get started.

Use Pheromones On Your Date

However, I do want you going on more dates using pheromones, but I also want you going on better dates with better women. But honestly, if all you get out of this is a better way to get phone numbers, this book has not done its job. For example: • Corporate type guys working hard in the world of business trying to climb their way up the ladder will be able to play the all-important political game much more effectively. Leadership guru and Harvard Ph.D., Daniel Goleman, found emotional intelligence accounted for two-thirds of the effectiveness of business leaders, much more than their IQ or level of work experience.

Here’s what it comes down to: How you do anything is how you do everything. You can’t charm some of the people some of the time. You have to charm all of the people all of the time. The truly attractive men do just this and it’s why I recommend charming everyone you meet using unscented pheromones they can detect through their vomeronasal organ.

To further illustrate this point, I’m going to give you a case study in two different male archetypes: The Alpha Male Pheromone and the Social Ambassador Pickup Artists often aspire to be the “Alpha Male”. After all, he’s the top dog, the guy that gets all of the girls, the man that everyone wants to be. Right? Well, maybe not… You probably know someone like him, and you almost definitely knew someone like him when you were in college. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, and he’s aggressive. He drinks his own weight in Jaeger bombs every time he goes out.

Being Attractive With Pheromones

It’s about time you learned a little secret about being attractive with pheromones: It has very little to do with what you look like, what you wear, how much money you make, what you do for a living, how nice your apartment is or how much you paid for your car. Being attractive with pheromones has everything to do with how you make other people feel. Who do you want to be around? The awesome guy who makes you feel as awesome as he is or the not-so-awesome guy who wants to drag everyone else down to his level?

As human beings we have a natural inclination to want to be around people who make us feel good about ourselves. When you become the guy that makes everyone feel like a million bucks, you’ve got the keys to the kingdom. This is because pheromones are emitted by the vomeronasal organ and play a significant role in human attraction.

But this isn’t about “feel good” talk or any other kind of cheap pseudo-therapy tricks. This is about applying a number of techniques and skills to become the best man that you can be. These skills apply to all areas of your social life, whether it’s talking to women, acing a job interview, or making friends after you move to a new city. How different is charming a woman back to your place for a night cap from charming your way into a job where you might not be the most qualified candidate?

How hard is it to take skills used for chatting up women and use them to chat up a group of guys so that you aren’t spending the night alone at the bar? Perhaps the best part of these skills is that they tend to build on one another. The better you are at talking to women, the better you are at chatting up potential bros. The better you are at talking to dudes, the better you are at charming your way into the best job you can imagine. The better you are at all of these things, the better your social life is and the better your overall life becomes when you use pheromones.

The Art of Pheromone attraction isn’t just the name of my company. It’s also what I, and everyone I work with, are seeking to teach you. Charm, like conversation, is a lost art. Back in the day, men weren’t just prized for their brawn or how much money they made; they were also celebrated for their charm.

Things might have changed since the 20s or the 60s, but one thing hasn’t: Not only does it open doors for you in friendship, romance, and business, charm also transforms you into a better man. Pheromone attraction more than just having manners. In fact, manners and charm can sometimes come into conflict. While it’s never charming to be rude, it is sometimes charming to make an inappropriate joke or to verbally spar with someone. The key point is, you always want people to walk away from an interaction with you feeling good about themself and feeling good about you. That is the art of pheromone attraction.


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