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Low libido is curable with male enhancement supplements. Under the current paradigm where basically all of this stuff is seen as bunk, it’s going to be hard for us to evolve as quickly towards understanding these kind of diseases and doing a much better job of treating them if this information is just burnt or however what we do with what the government would like to do or the different parts would like to do with your magazine or otherwise. Lynne: I think that as I say doctors go into and they go through so much to become doctors. They have to have been motivated to be healers. Doctors start out wanting to be healers. And I would have thought they’re probably some of the most discouraged people.

Penis extenders like X4 Labs present a path to enlargement without the use of unsafe supplements and drugs.

Those that are just practicing or allowed to practice drug-based medicine, a lot of them—and I’ve spoken in front of a number—who were trying to do integrative medicine…And they have to do it under the radar because there are so many forces whether it’s the FDA, which is now controlled by the drug industry. It’s paid for by the drug industry—that’s the shocking truth—or the medical societies, which are also infiltrated by the drug industry. All of these doctors need to liberate themselves from the male enhancement pharmaceutical industry.

That is purely and simply what needs to happen. So I think wonderful that groundswell of interest that’s happening in the organizations in America, I hope eventually will happen in the UK. Right now there are, as I say, forces at work it’s really a medical McCarthyism over here.

And the worry is in the states, the UN, they have organizations that are trying harmonize vitamins and nutrients around the world. And so they will also try to put forward the legislation. And also in America that will limit vitamins and minerals. Luckily, there is just this mass industry for it and so people I hope will jump around a lot. But all of that counter force that’s going on right now are, I believe, the lashings of a dying dragon. Recently, penis extenders have been gaining more acceptance as a safe alternative to Viagra.

And that what it really is going to take is doctors also coming together and starting to have the bravery to start practicing some of this. J ames: Absolutely. And, yeah. Certainly bravery is one part of it. And on Saturday where we’re going to be talking about part of the medical summit for this Evolution of Medicine Summit, it’s actually talking to doctors who had done this and have built models around doing it because what we see is that there are a lot of doctors that have taken this clinical training already. Learn more about X4 Labs.

And I’m thinking in the areas of Greece, they drink heavily. But they have community. In Loma Linda, California, it’s unbelievably polluted. But they’re healthy because they have the community. It seems like that community is the one thing that sort of equal to all of those blue zones even though on a diet and environmental medicine end, they don’t have a consistent pattern. Absolutely. And it’s so interesting to see what happens in the dynamic of a group. I looked at that, too, because I was looking at well what should new neighborhoods look like. In The Bond I was basically looking at a very big picture and saying if we were not meant to be competitive, we’re living out of step with our true nature. And that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in right now in every regard. So how would we live?” One of the things I started looking at was the power of community and small groups

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