How To Buy The Best Pheromones

Searching for the best pheromones to buy? As someone who likes to make an informed decision before I buy I found myself doing research on my first pheromone purchase. You may have seen pheromones in the news with reports of attracting women and arousing the opposite sex. Pheromones have become increasingly popular as seen in the dozens of new products being offered. In this article, you will learn what are the best pheromones to buy and how to purchase them.

Major pheromone brands will contain some blend or mixture of the following pheromones:

Androstenone — This is a naturally occurring pheromone in humans and is associated with the perception of male dominance. Women often feel men wearing androstenone as being more “powerful” and dominant.

Androsterone – This pheromone makes the wearer appear to be more masculine and dominant, but without the aggression and intimidation of Androstenone. It creates an aura of safety, protection, reliability and leadership normally associated with a more peaceful alpha male.

Androstenol — Androstenol creates a friendly impression and allows the wearer to seem less intimidating and more approachable. Users have claimed it creates an aura of youth and health, which can help to create an impression of reproductive fitness, which is attractive. The primary reported response to Androstenol or Androstenone containing products has been an increase in chattiness and friendliness from both sexes.

How To Buy

Follow the four “educated consumer” rules below and you will be assured of getting a high quality product with real pheromones in it.

Rule #1. Real consumers reviews are the most reliable way to be assured that you are getting a high quality pheromone product. Many of the pheromone testimonials you see on those flashy sales pages are bogus and can’t be independently verified.

Rule #2. Stay away from FREE trial offers for pheromones. Unfortunately, these are promotional gimmicks and many are outright SCAMS. By accepting the free offer, you agree to receive pheromones products on an ongoing basis and your credit card will be automatically charged every month without you initiating the purchase.

Rule #3. Make sure the website you order from has contact details. The company website should have:

  • a toll free number to ask questions, or place an order
  • a physical address of the company
  • a defined refund policy
  • a customer service phone number, not just an email

Rule #4. Avoid pheromone products being sold at cheap prices. Real pheromones are fairly expensive …presently being sold to manufacturers in the range of $250 to $400 per kilo. Products being sold for cheap are often imitations.

What is the best pheromone?

One of the most concentrated formulas on the market belongs to Pherazone.

Pherazone is seriously amazing stuff. If me from this point in time would speak with me from 6 months ago, me from 6 months ago would be flabbergasted. The past 6 months have really been a growth spurt. The program was a huge part in it.. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when I do women magnet I feel extremely comfortable with women already by using pheromones, just like how in the beginning of AM I felt like I was already and alpha, haha. I can’t even imagine what I’m going to morph into when I’m done with that.

Momentum is extremely important. If you want to create something, if you want something to happen, then you need to keep moving in that direction. As you move in that direction, you will continuously be shown the next step.. The difference between the complete failure and the success (ever mild success) is that the success keeps taking the steps with your pheromone spray. To what extent of steps the success goes is the difference between the level of success. Do you have full integrity for your intentions? How far do you go? How much do you do that you know you should?

Pheromones allow me to attract women subconsciously.

A lot of people say that ‘you need to DO more than you THINK’ but I really want to instill the fact that thinking is HIGHLY effective… But there’s different types of thinking when you are using Pherazone. You will feel great confidence and increases attraction.

You can think like a loose cannon, flopping from unrelated book to unrelated book, or you could target a problem area and find the solution through thinking as best as possible. In other words, STRATEGIZING has proven itself extremely worthy to me in every regard.

A lot of people spend an immaculate time DOING and that doing consists of them running around in circles because they aren’t doing enough strategizing and reflecting.

So.. Yeah, doing will make you successful with Pherazone pheromones .. But just because you’re doing doesn’t mean that you are going to be extremely successful. If you want to be extremely successful, you need to leverage your efforts, you need to always be focused on your effectiveness – reflecting and ripping apart old tactics for new and better ones.

Routine is extremely important. Through these past couples months I have seen my effectiveness skyrocket when I followed routines, and when I dropped them I saw my actions go unaligned and my world start shaking.

Pherazone Experience

Completed my second interview to become a design thinking coach at for my campus, hoping I get accepted. Will find out either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. One of the girls that was interviewing me was so fucking cute, and gave me tons of IOIs. When I was looking into her eyes, she had to move her face all around, like she couldn’t take the tension. She’s leaving after this semester, but if I get accepted then I get to shadow her for a bit. If I get accepted, I’m getting her #. This was all due to the increased confidence Pherazone pheromones gave me.



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