Liquid Trust Pheromone Spray: Does It Work?

Liquid Trust

After all the emotional wear and tear of growing up and reaching adulthood, some of us have what is popularly being referred to as quote-unquote trust issues. Well, what if you could take a little snip, a little whiff of a spray bottle and have all that emotional scar tissue evaporate?

That is exactly what New York-based Veros labs is selling and it’s called Liquid Trust. It all started June one of 2005 when a group of Swiss researchers announced an astonishing discovery that when people inhale oxytocin, which is a natural chemical produced in the brain, that they suddenly become more trusting of other people, and I’m now I’m going to quote from this study.

Oxytocin is a chemical in the brain that specifically affects an individual’s willingness to accept social risks arising through interpersonal interactions. We found that intranasal administration of oxytocin causes a substantial increase in trusting behavior.


This groundbreaking study was set up by a Swiss researcher and this is what this study looked like. It was basically a sales call. There are a group of salespeople and then there were the potential customers. While all of the customers were getting a whiff of this spray bottle of the oxytocin the salespeople went out and basically asked for their money.

Well, 45 percent of the potential customers handed over all of their money without any expectation of getting their money back. Also around the same time, in December of 2005, there was a study published in the Journal of neuroscience and it was conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health. Basically what they established that oxytocin not only raises your trust level but it also interrupts what’s called the Amygdala, which is essentially your fear circuitry and it establishes a delay response when you sense fear.

It disrupts that. Not surprisingly, shortly after these studies were published in 2005 shock and horror in the media. The politicians were going to spray their contingencies in order to engender trust for disreputable purposes. Learn more at

About Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a human hormone that has been scientifically proven to play a very powerful role in the social lives of human beings. People who produce a lot of oxytocin tend to be friendlier, have more company and generally lead lives that are more social than those who produce very little oxytocins.

The reason behind this, as scientists have found out, is that exposure to oxytocin makes people to trust each other and want to form friendships. This makes Liquid Trust a very powerful tool to be used in social settings. If you are going for a party or a retreat where many people are likely to gather and be in a jovial mood, it is good to use Liquid Trust. That is the good news.

There is even better news. The better news is that oxytocin has been found to play a role in the reduction of depression levels in human beings. The longer that a person is exposed to oxytocin, the lower the levels of depression he or she experiences. Also, oxytocin can help reduce the levels of shyness in other people. Therefore, if you are interested in a certain woman and know that she has been giving you the cold shoulder because she is shy, then Liquid Trust may be just what you need to break the ice.


There are some points, however, on which Liquid Trust scores significantly lower than other similar products. The most visible of these disadvantages is the duration in which it lasts. Liquid Trust is powerful for only a short period of time as compared to other products. While other pheromone products can last for up to 8 hours, Liquid Trust is active for only 3 hours.

This means that if you are going to a party that is going to last from dusk till dawn, you will need to go to the restroom to use your bottle of Liquid Trust on more than just one occasion. However, it is generally a good product that can be very helpful in breaking the ice when meeting new people.


So what do we make of Vero labs, the company that is actually marketing this as a product called Liquid Trust?

Well, they say on their website a number of times that they are in no way a proponent of dishonorable, dishonest or amoral causes, but they do say that just when you get out of the shower in the morning, spray yourself with some Liquid Trust and you’ll create a more trusting atmosphere.

So is Liquid Trust just snake oil? Well, even the original Swiss researchers, they say they had their doubts because they say it takes about an hour to two hours to even take effect for this trusting atmosphere, but some beg to differ because like a lot of hormones, oxytocin has a wide array of effects. One is encouraging animals to interact, again, segmenting pair bonds, and third, it’s supposed to increase people’s ability to have and the veracity of orgasms.

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