My Report on Pherazone Ultra

Recently, I tried Pherazone pheromones. I got into pheromones for (partially) a useless reason. Neediness is a useless reason, because you’re basically told you need to reduce it, which in turn makes pickupless of a motivating thing to do. I’ve had the same experience with playing competitive poker and becoming a competitive gamer. Both are goals which I didn’t succeed at (came close with poker, the extra lack of motivation, as described, wasn’t the killer). In the past I had excessively used Chikara pheromones for men.

The good things of using pheromones:

1. I am more interested in social situations. I’m finding out that I am a pretty sociable person. There’s a simple reason for that: I’m insanely curious about the world, hence I’m insanely curious about people.

2. I can focus on goals that need actual attention. The last month I’ve been doing and (re)learning pickup from a point of self-actualization. And I’m realizing there are a couple of basic needs that are in not too best of a shape.

3. Less to no approach anxiety due to being less to not attached to the outcome.

4. The ability to be more creative and more flexible. There’s a lot less tunnel vision going on.

5. As one as the reduction in neediness is stable: improved self-esteem. Due to not being attached to the outcome rejection will be taken less personal. I’ve definitely experienced this.

Pheromone Conclusions

My goals shift. What this means for pickup is that I’m going to shift to the social side a lot more. I realize that I don’t care too much about having sex with women and that I want a more diverse and interesting social circle. What that really means I don’t know.

What I do know is that I see a problem in my current social circle. They are mostly male, (video) gamers, and a lot of them have social issues. I’m noticing I’m drifting away from them, because they game to bond with each other. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think, however, in a lot of their individual cases it also conveniently escapes them from the confrontation of facing their social issues as an unintended — but very (short-term) beneficial — consequence.

Goals for pickup with Pherazone pheromones

1. Living on the edge
..–> develop myself
..–> push myself out of comfort zone
2. Learn how to deal with rejection
3. Learn how to intelligently fail. Will probably drop this one, it just sounds fancy, but I have no clue how I can take active steps to improve it or if I should improve it.
4. Learn what I’m searching for in a partner / learn relationship style
5. Learn to deal with crushes (apparently…)

So how’s my progress with pheromone attraction?

Goal 1: live on the edge

Compared to how I normally am I think I increased this with 20 percent. It’s a feeling, so the actual number isn’t too important. What I noticed was that I wanted to increase this more, but in order to increase this more I needed a lot more will power and/or discipline in order to do it. Learn more about Pherazone Ultra for men.

Another interesting thing is that sometimes I had no clue how to live on the edge. Thinking on the spot how to live on the edge sometimes resolved the issue. In other cases I was already naturally doing it without even being reminded of the goal.

Above everything this goal does increase my quality of life.

Notable moments:
1. Walking through Amsterdam blindfolded while holding a woman’s hand.
2. Playing crazy ‘pickup games’ (e.g. stupid made up pickup lines).
3. Longboarding and feeling a sense of control.
4. Going to London just for a party.
5. Amazing moments of sexual tension and almost kissing.
6. Doing approaches that I perceive to be impossible:
..a. Approaching the hottest woman seated in a restaurant with 3 male friends and 1 female friend.
..b. Approaching 4 women seated in a pub who were hot and older than me, and eventually reaching the hook point.
..c. Defeating my approach anxiety time and time again.
7. Playing guitar on the streets and having an amazing moment with a little kid who was mesmerized by it.
8. Playing guitar on the bus and receiving a compliment for it
9. Upping my cooking!

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