Pathway to stronger and longer orgasms

There are sexual healers who facilitate different orgasmic states for their clients with very minimal non-genital touch and sometimes no touch at all. They do this by moving their hands above their client’s body, in that person’s energy field. Women have even been known to experience female ejaculation from this kind of energy work. And it’s not just sexual healers who can do this.

In my workshops, I teach participants how to facilitate pleasure and orgasmic states for each other without actually touching their partner’s body. Initially, some participants express their doubt that this is even possible. But once they actually try it, even the non-believers experience strong effects in their own body or facilitate these effects for their partner.

An energy orgasm can be felt as a whole-body experience or it may be focused in a specific area of the body. And, of course, you can experience an energy orgasm on your own with a little practice.

Embodiment practice – Energy orgasm

This practice will facilitate energy moving in your body and, with a little practice, can be experienced as an orgasm.

1. Lie on your back on a semi-hard surface. Pull your knees up. Start a self-pleasuring practice, incorporating some of the techniques and ideas we covered earlier. Use breath, sounds, hip movement, different kinds of touch, internal stimulation, and so on.

2. Get yourself really aroused but make sure you don’t have a clitoral orgasm or even an internal orgasm. You should feel as if you are exploding with orgasmic energy. Then, relax your body and let go of all techniques.

3. Breathe deeply into your belly. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Continue this for a few minutes.

4. Visualize your sexual energy as a ball of fire above your genitals. Alternatively, you could visualize it as strong ocean waves. Place your hands in the air above your genitals and try to feel the viscosity of the energy in this area. Experiment with an ‘ether touch,’ which we covered earlier. Push downwards on your energy body, swirl it around, pull it up and sweep it to your sides.

5. Start moving your hands in a circular motion between your chakras. Explore moving them from each chakra to the next one and also up and down the chakras, constantly keeping your hands above your body to guide the energy as it moves through your body. Experiment with placing one hand above your genitals and having the other pulling invisible energy strings from your heart center, throat, third eye and crown.

6. You can also occasionally place a finger or even your hand on your actual skin near your chakras, not as stimulation but as a way to intensify the energy.

7. You can still incorporate breath, sound, movement, vaginal squeezes, and so on, but make sure you are constantly enhancing the experience with your hands above your body. You can also keep using visualization, but make sure you are also attentive to feeling the energy. Follow your impulses. Pretend you have super powers. Play with the energy.

8. During this practice, you might have emotions come up such as sadness, anger, frustration or confusion. Allow yourself to express whatever you experience fully.

9. And, of course, you might also experience new kinds of pleasure and orgasm. Express this as well. When you feel complete, relax and notice the sensations, energies, emotions, thoughts and insights. Write down your experience in your orgasmic diary.

The next time you do this practice, you could do a very brief self-pleasuring session at the start, or otherwise skip it completely and instead build your sexual energy with the power of your intention and your magic hands floating above your body.

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This practice is a simple way to start experiencing sensation as waves of pleasure. The next time you touch yourself or have any kind of sexual interaction, bring your awareness to your sensations. Be present with whatever pleasure arises and whatever is manifesting in your body. This opens the way for more pleasure and deeper, more frequent and easier to achieve orgasms.

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