Penis Extender Basics – What You Need To Know

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At least 90% of men would like a bigger penis, that’s a fact. If you are reading this then you are probably one of them. Almost every man would like to know how to make penis bigger but most men believe it would cost hundreds or even thousands. Another problem is that a lot of you don’t BELIEVE you can make your penis bigger, this is mainly down to the scams around now, there are a lot of good penis extenders that make it possible.

Some Penis Extender Myths Put To Rest

 Penis extenders do work. It’s a clinically proven fact that this type of penis enlargement will make your penis bigger. What is causing the problems is the cheap penis extenders that aren’t tested and usually break soon after using them. As you may know, the best penis extender is Sizegenetics closely followed by the X4 Labs. Both are very good.

However, if you are looking for a cheap penis extender then the Ultimate used to be the cheapest but some of the discounts lately mean this is no longer the case. The other thing is price, where the best penis extenders can cost up to $500 there are some very good ones a lot cheaper. The prices above can vary slightly with offers, eg Sizegenetics currently have $50 not shown in our price. See penis extender reviews.

Proof that these work?

It’s hard to find proof that penis extenders work so I came up with an idea. I have just bought myself an X4 Labs Deluxe penis extender and starting from Monday 31st May 2010 I will be showing my proof. I will use video to show measurements and keep a log of time used and any exercises I use and will update the video proof to show what can be achieved. To follow my progress click on the “my progress report on the left-hand menu.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

If you ask people the average size of penis you will get a lot of different answers. As a general rule 6.5 inches is about right. The question to ask yourself is do you want an average size penis? Most would prefer a lot more. Below are some very affordable extenders that can help you.

How much can you make your penis grow?

Most extenders claim you can grow your penis up to 3 inches. However, everyone is capable of 1-2 inches extra penis length. An added bonus though is you can expect at least an extra inch in penis girth. If you are going to buy penis extenders use our penis extender reviews on the left-hand bar to see which is best for you.

How Sure Are We These Extenders Work?

All the penis extenders on this site are guaranteed to help you make your penis grow.  They have had clinical tests done to ensure their quality and reliability.There have been loads of tests done on each penis enlarger and the results are all the same, these items will help you to make a bigger penis. All the penis extenders on this site are guaranteed to help you make your penis grow. 

What Benefits Will I See? 

  • You will have extra confidence in men and women, no more scared of the public shower scene.
  • Reach places inside a woman you never could before and watch her have bigger and better orgasms.
  • You will be able to try new positions you couldn’t manage before.

How Much Do These Penis Extenders Cost?

The cheapest extender at the moment is The Ultimate Stretcher at $149 although there are discounts available which you can find in the reviews.

For example, one of our 5 stars best penis extenders has a $75 discount for a limited time making the X4 Labs just $125, the cheapest on this site. This is a small price to pay to make your penis bigger. To read the reviews on these top penis extenders use the sidebar links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers.

What is the minimum size of a penis I can use the extender with?

Any penis longer than 1.5 inches flaccid shouldn’t have any problems.

 What happens if it becomes painful with the penis extender on?

All of these extenders can be made longer or shorter so you can ease the tension just by loosening it off but if it’s still painful after that take it off for a while.

How long before I see penis growth?

That all depends. Which extender you buy will make a difference, also how long you wear the device for, how much tension you use but probably most important is how consistent you are.

Is there anything else I can do to speed things up?

The one thing we recommend is doing some penis exercises called jelqing. Jelqs break down the cells so the extender keeps your penis extended while the cells repair. This has been well known to help speed things up and improve the results. You can find more information by clicking on the penis exercises link on the sidebar.

Can I wear the device while sleeping?

That’s complicated, some say yes and some say no. If you lie on your side its possible but some people worry about the night-time erections. Obviously, if  you use the noose type then your penis expands while having an erection. The blood is closed off from the head and can be really painful, also hard to release but other types can be ok.

Can stretching the penis weaken my erections?

No, in fact, because of the extra blood flowing into the penis you will see a big improvement in hardness and how easy it is to go again.

I’ve heard the extender can cure a curvature of the penis, is this true?

Yes, it definitely can. The penis extender uses bars either side that as well as stretching the penis holds it straight so this can cure curvature.

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