Pheromones Influence our Behavior

Let’s get into how exactly you can use Pherazone pheromones to elicit desire in women by simply recognizing their programming and acting in a way that appeals to them down on a subconscious level.

As we discussed before, our mind is divided in 2 parts: Limbic, and Pre-Frontal cortex. Your Vomeronsal organ is responsible for detecting human pheromones It is largely what separates you from all other animals who simply have base- reactions without actual thinking and logic.

That’s what your pre-frontal cortex is for. It developed later than the rest of the parts of your brain to allow you to think logically and rationally and to imagine yourself, for example, in the future, which when you think about it, is actually quite amazing. The limbic part of the brain can be thought of as the emotional brain. When you make a decision – as we already discussed – you are making an emotional decision first.

Then, depending on your critical thinking abilities and mental fortitude – you then begin thinking about that decision logically as your pre-frontal cortex takes over and says: “Wait a minute, but what about this?” You then begin to teeter back and forth between your emotional mind (limbic brain) and logical mind (frontal cortex) until you finally settle on your decision, which is an emotional decision justified by logic.

Pheromones Influence our Behavior

This reasoning process is the same thing that happens when women decide to have sex with a man. Essentially it goes like this: • Limbic/Emotional – Biological Programming – He is making me feel so horny, I can imagine sucking his cock right now. • Pre-cortex/Logic – Social Defenses – Will my friends think I’m a slut? Am I too easy if I go home right away? If I invest emotionally with desire for this person, will I hurt myself? If you succeed in applying the knowledge that you have acquired so far, the limbic part of her brain will render the final verdict and the logical part will justify her feelings and actions after the fact that pheromones leave much to be desired. Learn about top pheromones.

Your goal as someone who utilizes The Desire Protocol is to essentially guide women through this process the way you want – and everything that you’ve learnt so far will allow you to do just that. The following ninja tactics will go into more specific details on how to practically apply your knowledge of pheromone attraction in humans. The Pattern Interrupt The validators and tests we talked about earlier in this book, and how to deal with them, are forms of pattern interrupts. However, it goes a lot deeper than that. You see, as human beings living most of out our daily lives within social environments, we tend to recognized “behavior patterns” in the world around us and the people who interact with us. A beautiful girl, for example, learns that – when she goes to a bar – guys will come up to her and ask to buy her a drink typically in the same exact way every time.

Human pheromones create a pattern and once a pattern has been established (kind of the way you drive home from work the same route every evening and sometimes pull into your driveway without even remembering the drive – because it has become automatic) the person also learns to issue patterned responses. What a pattern interrupt does is create such an absurdly contrary scenario to what someone is used to, that they can’t help but instantly pay attention to it. So for example, let’s say an advertisement comes on TV about the benefits of a vegan diet. Because you are conditioned since birth with advertising, it’s going to take a lot for yet another weight loss commercial to make any kind of impact on you.

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