The Power of Breast Enlargement Hypnosis

Your breasts now begin to grow and develop until you reach the size and shape you desire, When they reach the size you wish, their growth will stop. During this time of new development you may notice a tingling sensation or a feeling of increased warmth in the area of your breasts.   This is normal and is due to the increased blood circulating in the area of your breasts. You want it to happen, you expect it to happen, you feel it happening to you. And now relax deeper and deeper and listen.

Imagine it is a beautiful spring day. The smell of spring flowers is in the air. You’re twelve years old. What was the world like when you were twelve?… .What did you look like? What did you think about? What did you feel? Think Feel Remember. You are standing at the edge of a forest. Squirrels and birds are flitting and scurrying among the trees….

The sky is a glorious blue Big, fluffy white clouds roll in the sky.
On the edge of the forest is a beautiful meadow full of fresh spring flowers and a clear babbling brook. You run joyously through the meadow, jumping back and forth across the brook. Suddenly, you’re at the edge of a large pool of cool fresh water. You’re warm and tired from your run through the meadow. This is your special private place where no one can see you.

You take off your clothes in your minds eye. The sun is hot against your skin. You feel your blood pounding through your body. You take a deep breath and dive into the pool. Your whole body feels tingling and alive from the fresh pure water. You float peacefully on your back and you feel the sun on your breasts.
You notice your breasts feel heavier than usual and very, very warm in the sun. You look down at them and you are amazed to see your breasts have gotten larger than they were before. The skin over your breasts feels tight and pulled, as your breasts swell and grow larger. You’re feeling excited now. Your heart is beating much faster, in a steady pulsating rhythm. You watch with mounting pleasure as your breasts grow larger and larger with each pounding beat of your heart. You swim over to some nearby rocks, feeling the water move against your body and you lift yourself up on the warm stone. You feel the warm sun against your wet body. The golden rays of the sun impart a soft glow to your breasts and a soft warm breeze caresses your body with a gentle soothing touch. You rub your naked body all over with a fragrant oil and sense your hands being pushed away from your body as you rub the oil into your growing breasts. You feel young, alive, vibrant, full of health and energy.
You’re back now, back to the present time, and eagerly looking into the mirror to see the incredible change that has occurred in your body.

You try on a bra and it just barely covers your breasts. Obviously you’ll have to buy a larger bra. You look at your reflection in the mirror and you see your breasts developing and growing right before your eyes. Your whole body is more shapely, better proportioned. It’s as though excess fat from other parts of your body has moved into your breasts. Your bra appears to be shrinking, getting

As you allow yourself to grow deeper relaxed with every gentle breath you exhale, you focus only on the sound of my voice and you allow the sound of my voice to help you always relax much more. You understand that the growing of larger breasts is controlled by the programming of your subconscious mind. We will now work together to reprogram your inner mind with the beliefs it needs to change and mold your breasts to exactly the size and shape you desire. Remember, today’s actions are what cause reactions within you tomorrow. Your thoughts are the fertile soil for the success you desire. You become totally committed to have the larger breasts you desire. You absolutely believe and know your subconscious mind can effortlessly change the size and shape of your breasts. Consider breast enhancement cream reviews. You are the architect of your own world and understand that you deserve the best that life can offer you. You are a loving and forgiving woman. You forgive easily and completely. You forgive yourself and move forward in life. You are without shame and you forgive and let go.

From the moment of your conception, your body has the direction and guidance to be exactly what it is supposed to be. A breast cell knows it is your breast. Your breasts respond to both your conscious and sub-conscious desires. Your mind controls the development and growth of your breasts. Each and every breast cell within you responds and makes real the picture of your breasts you hold in your mind. Your mind is now creating a new picture of your breasts exactly as you would like them to be….and this becomes your new reality…your new truth. Each breast cell in your body is in perfect form and shape to create this new picture of your new larger breasts. You and you alone are the authority over your own breasts.

You feel your heartbeat pumping new powerful growth hormones into your breasts. You feel a very pleasant tingling sensation come into your breasts, as new breast cells are formed and begin to stretch your skin outward. Your breasts become light and they feel full. Your breasts are developing a very warm, light and tingling feeling, as they grow larger and larger. 
Focus on your breasts and discover how they feel warm, alive, pulsating and growing. In your perfect imagination, you picture and imagine a heating pad on your chest. The heat has stimulated and re-started your breast development. Warm blood rushes to each breast bringing increased nourishment. Both breasts expand to hold the extra blood and nourishment. The warm pad brings a feeling of fullness. It’s good to feel the warmth flowing into your breasts. There is a feeling of expanding tightness in your expanding breasts. Your breasts are warm….firm and filling out. Feel your breasts press outward. There is a feeling of gentle, constant, outward pressure in your breasts. You now give yourself permission to have fully developed breasts. You celebrate being a woman who has full, well shaped breasts. Learn more about natural breast enlargement |

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