Stamina RX and How It Can Benefit You

Now that we have discussed the scientific basis for this exciting new penis enlargement method, it’s time to learn the simple instructions for using it. To review what we have learned so far here are the main points:

1) Scientific studies have proven that you can control bodily functions consciously.

2) It works by teaching simple learning procedures which help to increase blood circulation in the penial area and thus stimulate natural, normal penial growth.

3) The methods are mastered through the use of “mental scripts” which employ a four—phase learning program:

  1. a) Progressive relaxation – to speed the learning process.
  1. b) Visualization – to facilitate increased blood circulation in the penial area.
  1. c) Reinforcement — to ensure and maintain rapid learning and retain what has been learned.
  1. d) Perceptive feedback – to help in monitoring and improving the learning process.

4) The method is amazingly simple to learn.

This last point is the best part of all. Frequently, scientific data and scientific explanation sound complicated. But all one has to do is to read a script, or rehearse it in one’s mind, or listen to a recording of it or have someone else read it to you and then follow the simple relaxing suggestions that one thinks about, reads or hears.

Ways of Using the Scripts

The key to the visualization process is the script, for it is the script that is the heart of the learning program. The script utilizes proven learning techniques and the four sequential elements of the method: progressive relaxation, visualization, reinforcement and perceptive feedback. The script teaches the appropriate visualizations that have been shown to increase penis size by improving circulatory processes, while simultaneously enhancing the self-image.

Since the script is essentially a learning program, your goal should be to learn the process in an easy and relaxed manner.

There are four ways the scripts can be learned:

1) The first and most obvious method is to read the appropriate script to yourself. Just sit back in a soft easy chair and read the script slowly and silently to yourself. As you do, follow the suggestions and instructions given in the script – except of course you will be keeping your eyes open for the full reading. Be sure that your are seated comfortably and your are away from all distractions. Each time you read the script you will be reinforcing the learning process.

2) The second method is to study the script thoroughly until you have learned its basic concepts and then review the complete scripts in your own mind as completely and vividly as possible. Since the process is simply a learning process, this method can be surprisingly effective once you have a thorough understanding of the information the script and then use it consistently.

3) The third method is to have a friend read the scripts to you in a slow, relaxed, easy—going tone of voice. Some men find it is most effective if the script is read to them by a man others by a woman.

4) The fourth and perhaps the most convenient way is to listen to a recorded version of the script. If your prefer this method we suggest that you read the script first, at least once, and then use recordings for subsequent sessions. This method is highly effective for most because it is a passive, relaxing procedure and because it is very vivid. And it can help many people learn faster and assimilate the learning process more completely. For privacy you may prefer to lis- ten to the recordings with an inexpensive earphone or set of headphones.

To emphasize: you can use any one of the four learning methods described here, or any combination of the four methods. In fact, you may find it beneficial to vary the method that you use occasionally,

Scripts Overview

Script one is called the basic program. It contains all of the ingredients for using the visualization successfully: progressive relaxation, visualization, reinforcement and perceptive feedback. As such it could, if desired, be used exclusively throughout the program. However, the effective utilization of the two additional scripts can help you accelerate your progress, help you to enhance the effectiveness of the program and help you maximize your results.

Script two is the accelerated program. At first glance script two may seem quite similar to script one. However, as you actually begin to use the script, you’ll find that the relaxation process is more advanced and the imagery more vivid and intense. The step-up in detail enhances the effectiveness of the learning program. Script two provides additional mental pictures to help expedite the learning process. To accelerate and enhance learning the method, begin alternating scripts one and two every other day any time after week 4.

A third script, called the maximum effects program can be used once or twice a week as an alternate to the other scripts or an extra anytime throughout the entire program. It is especially helpful for insuring rapid progress, overcoming “plateaus”, etc.

Keep in mind as you read these scripts that it may seem incredible that visualizations such as those used in the scripts can actually help you improve blood circulation in specific parts of the body, that this finding is now well-corroborated by extensive scientific data. Learn the truth about Stamina RX at

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