What Is Considered A Big Penis?

Law professor Anita Hill nearly brought down Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas with the mention of the name Long Dong Silver—a black Jamaican who appeared in a couple of porno loops back in the 70s. including Seka’s Sex Freak Circus. These loops were subsequently re-released following the Thomas hearings. His penis is truly an aberration of nature which can be tied in a knot with plenty left over to play with. Despite claims that his penis measures 18″ (45 cm). 15″ (38 cm) is more realistic.

Another legendary mega phallus who appeared in a porno loop is “The Texas Longhorn.” In his video he takes his outlandish 14″ (35 cm) appendage (whose cockhead slaps against his knee) and deftly wraps it around the neck of an underwhelmed vixen who doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with it.

A famous German photo of a Massai warrior appeared in Inches magazine a few years back. The warrior appears with his python penis tied in a knot. Unraveled, the organ measured greater than 16” (40 cm) 1ong—FI.ACCID!

The now defunct gay rag. All Man once showcased a photo of New Guinea tribesman wearing nothing but a 15” (38 cm) penis held against the abdomen with a waist cord. The tip reaches mid- way between his navel and nipples.

In the spring of 1991, I received a letter from one of my readers respected urologist in Washington state. He explained that he was part of a group of six doctors conducting research at a major university to determine the effectiveness of an injectable male contraceptive (a GnRH agonist). The study solicited volunteers from the university and paid them a nominal fee for their participation. The volunteers were given complete physical examinations including samples of blood, urine, and semen. Learn Why I love Volume Pills.

In 1928, volume one of the German Bilder-Lexicon der Erotic (Picture Dictionary of Erotica) was published. It featured descriptions and illustrations of every imaginable act of sex. Used editions now sell for nearly $1000.

He prescribed a series of testosterone injections. Needless to say he injected hormone not only caused the testicle to descend, it air

The “Texas Longhorn”

He over stimulated his virilizing characteristics. At age 23, he stood 6’3” tall at 250 Ibs., and sported a penis of monstrous proportions. The physician writes that he was the most hirsute man he had ever met, with “abnormally profuse body hair totally covering his back, buttocks, arms, legs, chest, stomach. and pubic mound.”

In 1895, Oscar Wilde was arrested for homosexuality. Journalist W.T. Stead wrote: ‘If all the persons guilty of Oscar Wilde’s offenses were to be clapped into jail, there would be a very surprising exodus from Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Winchester (England’s most famous private schools).’

The most impressive feature, though, was his enormous penis. The physician notes that “the flaccid penis is 32 cm in length (12 1/2″) and 18.5 cm (7 1/4″) in circumference.” Remember, these are FLACCID measurements!!! Sam (his name) agreed to let the doctor measure his erect organ, which was recorded at 35 cm in length (13 3/4”) by 22 cm ( 8 S/8″) in circumference! Due to the extreme rarity of this size of penis, the doctor decided to submit the case study to a urological journal, and set about to prepare a sketch for the medical illustrator (of which he sent me a copy)- Fitting a life- sized replication of his penis and testicles on the paper required 8 sheet 21″ long (53 cm).

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