What’s the secret to mind-blowing orgasms?

Now, what other orgasms are possible?

The everywhere-else orgasm

There are women who orgasm from every place in their bodies. They can orgasm from caressing their skin, their inner thighs, their chest or the area between the shoulder blades. Maybe orgasm comes about from touching their lower back or licking their earlobes, fingers or toes.

One of my clients orgasmed while I was massaging her Achilles heel, and I soon integrated this into my sensual massage routine. As a result, many other women have experienced this as well. Anybody can be fully orgasmic with the right attitudes and practices.

You might have other areas or spots in your body that produce very distinct sensations of pleasure or orgasm. Keep deepening those experiences and also experiment with other areas and ways to arouse yourself. Anything is possible!

And it’s not just touch or particular places in the body that can bring about an orgasm.

Some women experience orgasm while meditating, practicing yoga, singing devotional songs or looking at the sunset. There are women who orgasm when they ride a roller coaster or bungee jump. Other women orgasm when their partner tells them he loves them or when a powerful man holds their hands, looking them deeply in the eyes with love, devotion and presence. Learn about the truth about penis enlargement pills.

Just for fun, let’s have a peek at the diverse orgasmic experiences that women have available to them. Have you ever heard of any of these ‘gasms’?

• Yogasm – An orgasm during a yoga practice.

• Food-gasm – Ever had a piece of chocolate and trembled in pleasure? That’s a mini orgasm.

• Giggle-gasm – An orgasm that comes as a woman giggles or laughs, sometimes becoming a rolling wave of laughter that feels pleasurable and orgasmic.

• Grief-gasm – Some women experience grief over their separation from a lover or the death of a loved one and the intense energy of their grief can turn into an orgasm.

• Thinking off (as opposed to wanking off) – An orgasm experienced by visualizing the sexual energy in your body.

• Man-gasm – Some women orgasm when a man looks in their eyes with presence and love; they experience an orgasmic state brought about by his masculine presence.

• Music-gasm – An orgasm that comes from listening to a strong or meaningful piece of music.

• Dance-gasm – An orgasm that arises from dancing, and specifically vigorous, energetic and ecstatic forms of dance. (I have met a woman in her sixties that even experiences female ejaculation while dancing.)

• Pain-gasm – Orgasm can be experienced during pain. One of my teachers, Barbara Carellas (author of Urban Tantra), recounts the time when she got a tattoo on her ankle and experienced very strong pain. She managed to transform that pain into pleasure and experienced orgasm then and there.

• Birth-gasm – An orgasmic birth is possible. Women who practice conscious birthing can manage to have a very pleasurable birthing experience and many of them experience various states of orgasm.

• Meditation-gasm – An orgasm experienced in a meditative state. When I was living in a yogic community in Thailand, I often attended ten- or seventeen-day meditation retreats. These included many hours of meditation per day, spiritual lectures and yoga. Men and women were separated, silence was maintained throughout the retreat and participants were asked to avoid touch and even looking at people’s faces. Yet still, many women reported they became extremely horny and some experienced peaks of orgasm and even long and intense orgasmic states during the meditation sessions. Some of them were shaking, convulsing and spasming.


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